Celebrities With STDs: Stars Who Admitted They Have STDs.

porn stars who have stds

quote.... Porn stars who have stds .... unquote

Lindemuller is a porn actress who wishes she wasn’t on the basis she is currently serving time in federal detention for tax evasion from her porn activities. More famous for being married to Jesse James before he was hitched to Sandra Bullock, Lindemuller lost custody of her daughter to James while she was incarcerated.

The label "porn star " is overused, but not in Courtney Cummz's case. She's been in porn for a decade, has guested on Howard Stern's show, and has 300,000 Twitter followers. She spoke candidly about how young women are mistreated in the industry, her boyfriends' reactions when they find out she does porn, and how much she likes anal. (A lot.)

“In 2012 in Los Angeles with Measure B and with our initial polling for this measure, voter sentiment favoring safer sex in adult films is clear — unlike most politicians, voters are not squeamish about this issue, seeing it as a means to protect the health and safety of performers working in the industry,” Weinstein said in a September press release announcing the introduction of new safety standards set to go to voters in 2016.

You’re right she looks immensely better before they start on her. You have to wonder if she wants her make up to be so over the top so she can walk down the street without people bothering her?





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