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wnba players who are lesbians

quote.... Wnba players who are lesbians .... unquote

12-7-2016  · Four Minneapolis police officers walked off the job at the Target Center in Minneapolis in on Saturday in response to Minnesota Lynx players wearing Black ...

The Lynx boast a 16-4 record, good for second best in the 12-team WNBA. The franchise currently plays as a dynasty of sorts, winning titles in 2011, 2013, and 2015. But the reigning WNBA champs hear boo birds from their city’s men and women in blue.

Carmelo Anthony has made statements recently expressing his desire for his colleagues to be more outspoken about political issues they believe in. If Anthony and other NBA players who want to speak out are looking for examples of how to do so effectively, they should take note of what happened in the WNBA today.

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