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One important aspect of most 12-step programs is the feeling of community you get when you join one of these groups. In most cases, you will attend meetings where each person discusses his or her addiction as well as the recovery process. Through this fellowship, you can get the support you need to move forward with your life. Being surrounded by people who understand what you have gone through and what you are going through can be an essential part of a successful recovery process.

The biomedical explanations deal with hereditary and congenial factors, chemical imbalances in the brain and neurotransmitters (Ferris, par. 9). This suggestion resembles the use of prescribed drugs by patients who need the chemical balance in the brain, or those who get a high from running, or gambling. The Internet provides a temporary high.

If an addiction is severe enough to have an extreme negative effect on one's life, and outpatient treatment is not effective, intensive treatment at an inpatient rehab center may be recommended.

Our addiction rehabilitation programs are committed to assisting our patients and family members with their own growth, thus enabling them to re-discover their self-esteem and return to their productive fulfilling life. If you or a loved one is struggling with alcohol, drug or substance abuse, we can help. Please contact us today and make the call that can save a life – .





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